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Check this review of TINA from Noo!

"In TINA, Peter Davis has found a name that fits everything." 

A Review of TINA in Diagram

"Once the book is open, it's not long before the poems start putting the moves on the reader. And in this case nothing could be sweeter." 

A review of TINA at Vouched Books!

"So brilliant, so enjoyable, so lasting, so difficult." 

Reviews of TINA at Amazon!


Check this review of TINA at Fanzine!

"Somehow the transform into something dazzling and strange."

TINA in American Microreviews!

"TINA manages to be obsessive and casual in a way that feels incredibly genuine. I really can't recommend the collection enough." 

TINA In The Volta

"What Davis ultimately validates, however, is that the inner voice that speaks--no matter to whom--is a voice worthy of performing, a voice that testifies." 

Review of TINA in Coldfront

"he has also made TINA (the book, not the character) a strange and unguarded, not-actually-sarcastic, dare-you-to-read-it-like-you-mean-it success." 

Review of PPP!!! in Escape Into Life

"I sat and read it through, laughing the whole way "      

PPP!!! review in The Southeast Review!

"these poems touch the funny bone, the sympathy bone, and the 'soul' bone." 

Reviews of PPP!!! at Amazon! 

"I was startled and delighted by their wit and nakedness." 

Review of PPP!!! in Rattle

"If I call this book fresh and innovative you wouldn't know if i meant brilliant or weird, but that's okay since both would be true." 



Reviewish of PPP!!! at Big Other

"very, very funny" 


Interview about Hitler's Mustache at Every Other Day! 

Review of Hitler's Mustache at Dream People!

"a gravely hilarious, highly literate, for anyone who enjoys modernist, post-

modernist, or wonderfully bizarre 


Review of Hitler's Mustache at Arbutus!

"a weird book, in the best sense" 

Hitler's Mustache review in The L Magazine!

"as a subversive and disarming examination of the 20th century's worst criminal, and as a smart commentary on poetry itself, Hitler's Mustache is a success." 

Hitler's Mustache review in Rain Taxi!

"perfectly integrates the low, the high, the theoretical, the poetical, the witty, the weird, the profound" 

Review of Hitlers' Mustache in MiPOesias!

"Like no other book of poetry... think of Peter Davis as an enormous literary retina" 

Review of Hitler's Mustache in Redivider!

" are inextricably drawn into reading each word...purchase the book and dig in" 


Review of Hitler's Mustache in Rattle

"this book is funny the way people are funny...a statement on the poetry of the  human condition" 

An interview for Bear Books (in Sweden)! 

An Interview at The Conversant

An Interview at the BSU english blog! 

12 or 20 questions! 

Interview in Front Porch!


An interview at HTMLGIANT!


Interview at Vouched!  

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Poetry Foundation Staff Picks 2013 

"His voice stands out, and the poems in TINA are his best and most ridiculous yet. Davis's work is smart, dryly (and slyly) hilarious, and surprisingly meaningful." 

                             --Holly Amos 

The Best American Poetry Blog

"Davis works in the same vein as John Ashbury, by making things so personal, they're universal." 

                             --Michael Schiavo

Time Out Tel Aviv

"One of the most important American Contemporary Poets." 

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